Russian Apex 0-5 Austin regional, don't try this one at home

Uruz 590

See, it's Russian because of the rigged results. It's topical!

After testing out the adjusted matrix/endless hunger combo during a cache refresh tournament and doing fairly well with it, I decided to give it a whirl against some proper decks.


Setup time is hilariously quick. 5 creds, hunger matrix. Two creds and dummy box if you expect swordsman. Two more and heartbeat if you expect damage. That's it.


Skipping boilerplate Apex rumination. Surveyor in a 6 deep server requires some fancy footwork with prey or rigged results. Typically one run per turn and it has to be turn one, so huge vulnerability to nisei tokens, vaults, ash. Amped up helps when you have it, but it's not enough.


Any of the "go ahead and put that card back in your deck/hand" cards are auto-lose. On the day it was Amani Senai (after trashing her twice) but there's plenty to chose from.

Back to the tank for next week's jank. I'm thinking about invading Aesop's place again, or stealing a car. That shit is expensive, though.

Also, hey, while I have your attention, any idea on the interaction of harbinger and death and taxes or q-chip? Like, replacement effect vs response trigger, does harbinger still count as being trashed, etc. Lemme know what you think. Or don't. I'm not your supervisor.

21 Aug 2018 BlackCherries

As far as I understand it, Harbinger would count as a trash and an install - therefore triggering Death and Taxes twice as well as triggering Q-Coherence Chip to trash itself.