Who needs Zer0? 1st Örebro Regionals MWL 2.2

Siegl 627

Based on Florida Regionals Winner with some changes for the new MWL.

Like stephenball suggested, I changed one Maker's for a Clone Chip.

The only other change I did was swapping Citadel for a third Hacktivist. Didn't really need the Citadel, but three currents is nice to have against t1 Scarcity.

Would probably change the Ice Carver for a second Sucker. Didn't install it all day and it can mess with the D4vids.

Went undefeated in the tournament, with one timed win against Gagarin, (and one loss in a for fun game after an ID).

28 Aug 2018 b3ar

Congrats. Was the Clone Chip useful enough?

29 Aug 2018 Siegl

Thanks! Yeah, being able to get D4vids back is pretty neat.

4 Sep 2018 Jander

Was second Levy useful?

16 Sep 2018 Siegl

It does happen, although rarely, that you will Levy twice in a game.

Having two is a nice insurance against MaxX trash. (I've also had games where both Levys and all three SoTs were trashed).

It also makes it possible to play the first Levy earlier for some important pieces, if you know that you still can go through the whole deck two more times.