The Definitive CTM (4th UK Nationals)

Seamus 4744

The process is designed to arrive at the best version of the deck selected. For nationals we spent far more time on Val than CTM (more on that elsewhere). Chris and I quickly agreed that Market Forces was a good replacement for Closed and a Tollbooth was worth including to fight CV combo decks and Shapers that were more likely to let bankers run.

Shockingly, Tim then abandoned the process and the sanctioned decks. Chris and I shook our heads at his temerity. Surely he would be punished for this betrayal.

As we met on Sunday morning for the top 16 it turned out that Chris and I had inadvertently failed to play the same corp list. He had taken three Calibration Testings while I stuck with three DBS.

In my first game of the cut I drew two DBS early against CV mill Gnat and felt grateful for the filtering. I immediately drew into a third and thought that perhaps three was too many. My opponent then broke their back killing the first two only for me to rez the third, clearly vindicating my version of the deck.

Anyway, Tim won.