Spark it Up

SoulBeaver 7

It's a janky Spark deck.

Your assets are super cheap to trash and you need them desperately for your economy. Use Hellion Beta Test once and most runners will think twice about trashing your assets. From there it's Ad Blitzing as many assets as possible and rezzing each asset on your turn and the enemie's to maximize the credit penalty.

Starting out you should try to draw for two cheap assets and some ICE. Rezz both money assets, once on your turn and once on the Runner's turn to make sure the Runner starts turn 1 with only 3 credits.

There are almost no operations because Rolling Brownout should punish the runner, not you.

Since you'll be hella rich over the course of the game I've included mostly expensive ICE. You should have no trouble rezzing them as needed. You'll want to build a super taxing server made out of Tollbooth, Conundrum and Endless EULA.

Overall this deck is 50/50. It's not great but not bad either. Against certain decks with a strong early game economy or those that don't install a lot of non-programs, this deck will struggle.

29 Aug 2018 Urziel

Have you considered adding: Free Lunch or Mumbad Virtual Tour to keeps Runners poor enough to secure scoring window?

I was running very similar deck earlier and found out that:

I love the theme of Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach - "buy my crap" but my overall feeling is that the identity is just too weak.

Final note: Maybe one Cobra or something similar can surprise runner without a proper kit and trash stuff like GS Sherman M3 (frequently used by Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist and you will not win a trace war against her and she can bypass Tollbooth).