Azmari Hedging Plans

Bl4nk3t 248

Azmari Deck I piloted to 8th Place at German Nats Cache Refresh in 2018

Won all but 1 game. The loss was against a superb Liza, who did a counter-surveillance run for 13 cards and found only 3 GFI. - Totally worth it to include them - I deem this an Achievement Unlocked. This Liza Talking Thunder then proceeded to with a degree mill sniped from hq.

It unlocked an additional achievement when the second(!) Liza I played during one of the 4 Rounds there was a femme Install using its power counter on the only ice on r&d - an Anansi :) .

3 Sep 2018 JamesWinters

Did the GFI's have any utility outside that one CS run?

9 Sep 2018 lostgeek

Superb Liza... blushes... You fluster me :P