Ananasi Vámpírpüré -variation (11th at the Nordics)

AxWill 49

Based on @Flekks Anansi Vámpírpüré. I had five possible corps to go with and decided on the last minute to use this one. More pointers on how to play this can be found on the actual decklist, but quick version is that if you can score one or two Nisei MK II early, get Ronin on 3-4 tokens or get them hit Cerebral Overwriter, it is pretty much over and you just have to wait for a window to finish the game.

  • My only change was made while writing the decklist at the registration: one CO into one-off Mumbad City Grid, did not fire a single time... But making your opponent face Data Loop twice with either Nisei token or Mumbad practically guarantees Obokata Scoring.

  • Blacklist would have been a great tech to slot in. Of course I did not face any MaXx and since there was only 1 MaXx in top cut, it might not be worth it, but it is worth considering to any Mwekundu.

  • This deck exploits the fact that people are less prone to take risks in tournament setting. And of course the fact that when they take one and stumble on Cerebral Overwriter, it is quite certainly game over sooner or later.

Interestingly in the tournament this deck seemed to either perform as a kill or glacier but never a mix. But you play with the cards you draw and this deck has outs on both fronts and mixed threat makes it more difficult for runner.

5 Sep 2018 Flekk

I hope you had fun!

5 Sep 2018 AxWill

Yes I did, thank you very much for the list!