Aginfusion 9th at German Nationals

Heinzel 1088

The Deck went 5-1 during swiss (7 rounds total, 1 ID) and lost twice during the cut.
As always the plan is to rush Niseis early to enable scoring windows in the mid and sometimes lategame.
Because you really want to score Niseis first i think that 2 Fast Tracks are mandatory. You need the Nisei token to score additional agendas. The third agenda can be tough even with a Nisei token. Thats why we need to make sure that our first 2 agendas are Niseis. Also Scoring windows are narrow these days so if you have one you shouldnt miss it because of the lack of agendas in hand.
3x Excalibur is also quite good against any runner that cant get to an early ai breaker. Multiples also help against Nexus by placing them behind each other.
Rototurret is in there as a sentry gearcheck though i cant recall ever rezzing it. Strength 0 sucks because of Aumakaua.
Swordsman was a tech choice against Aumakaua Crims and Hailey. The Hailey lists i knew only had Femme as their sentry breaker so it would be quite expensive to get out just to break a swordsman.
Hydra is really expensive to break for MKUltra. It was used to tax out anarchs or secure a central. Unfortenately barely anyone is going to facecheck it since they probably play around Anansi.
Fairchild 3.0 is your second best early score enabler after excalibur. Fairchild3.0 with an innner ice to boop them is really hard to break early on. Also Fairchild 3.0 is great ice in general.
Crick is expensive to break even on R&D (for anarchs).
Code Replicator and Bio Vault both did great work. Bio Vault can be very situational so i am happy with it as a 1 of. For Code Replicator i would like to go up to three. If you dont score behind excalibur you are probably going to score behind an expensive piece of ice that the runner shouldnt be able to break multiple times.