Scorp rigshooter

Krasty 386

Published for purpose of ABR claim.. I think I went 5:1 or 4:2, I`m really not sure. But what I remember, everytime it was so close like I can score out next turn, when runner luckily steals last point.

Just a couple of words: I was playing this style of deck for a long time. And every time I thought Hunter Seeker is for loosers. Ok, not for loosers, but not so good as a lot of people think (imho). Why to let steal agendas to triger the function? I like my agendas in my score area!

Trojan Horse need some more econ, but it`s just one click, so you can play 2 econ cards and then wipe out program, which runner not needed.. :o)

Gatekeeper is so great in this style of deck (I can said it won me 2 games!).

Cyberdex Virus Suite is one flexible slot in this deck. Slot it if too many turtles floating around your meta.

I`m open to any discusions...

10 Sep 2018 Longi

Hi msn, good to see someone is trying to keep Scorpios alive!