Cowardsberry MaxX

swabl 337

"We cut the second Levy because you never want to play it and it's a slot for cowards" -Nemamiah, Gooseberry MaxX

Here I stand, that coward, who let fear dictate his decisions at the 11th hour and abandoned trust in The Process.

Or "Gooseberry MaxX but with a 2nd Levy". -1 The Turning Wheel, -1 Aumakua, -1 Rebirth, +1 Levy, +1 MKUltra, +1 I've Had Worse. My rationale was that most of the top players would recognise that bin hate was a bit of a trap, and so wouldn't have to fear losing the only Levy once they promptly hit the top tables, whereas I would likely be stuck at the mid tables and would be having to deal with it. So I played it safe.

Went 3-4 on the day which was disappointing, although I'm not sure if I would have done better on the canonical list; it's a style of MaxX deck I'm not hugely familiar with, and my losses were largely poor play on my part and good play on my opponent's (and the occasional "whoops MaxX binned all your econ"). Seeing Aumakua and The Turning Wheel faster and more consistently would have certainly been nice, mind you. Similarly, I don't think I would have done worse on it. In the end it's a MaxX deck with a lot of good cards in it, and I was really only fiddling around at the edges.

Despite the underwhelming results, I still had a great time at my first (and now likely only) World's, and was more than happy to be playing my favourite ID there and not feel like I was making a bad choice.