Worlds Best Titan

LSK 4574

I was going to play Mti at Worlds but I played this at King of Servers and it went 5-0 so I decided to ditch my month of prep and play it in the main event where it went 6-1 (I had a split and a 241 where it didn't get played).

Card choices:

Paywall is nice because it clears Estrike and Hacktivist. Wish I had more. Basically never play it except as a counterspell, and remember you can Consulting Visit for it

Zero Preemptive is obviously and clearly wrong. I had to make so many stupid plays that a single Preemptive would have fixed easily.

Two Consulting might be too many.

At least one IPO should be a Too Big To Fail. I have a copy of R&R so it's not like I have an excuse.

No Rashida or Executive Boot Camp. I didn't think this deck could protect a Rashida, and Dedication Ceremony is as big of a roadblock ad Reconstruction Contract so EBC is not that helpful. Probably this deck would still be better with one EBC.

Enigma over Hortum because they cost the same to break and the same to rez but Enigma gets the runner to lose a click which is great.

Really don't take too much from this list. It won on the basis of my gutsiness, tight play and knowing my outs, and not because it's the correct version of the deck. Usually you win games by fast advance. Sometimes you win games by advancing behind Archer. And sometimes you win with a cheeky well timed Ark Lockdown.

(I beat Chris Dyer with this by Ark Lockdowning his Black Orchestra and putting code gates on my centrals and a remote, and purging his Aumakua to lock him out.)