Sportsfreund! - 1st and 14th place at German Nationals 2018

JackMade 2514

ICE makes this deck better and at this tournament, it showed up strong putting me in the Top16 cut losing only once and letting @Pinsel win the whole thing.

16 Sep 2018 Chiphead404

Do you mulligan for Ice? Or how do you prodect your agendas? It the runner know the deck, he/she can ein within 2 turns. Not?

18 Sep 2018 EnderA

Having played a very similar list, this deck has three primary weaknesses: someone that can afford to trash everything, someone that can steal 5 agendas in a single turn, and someone with The Shadow Net/Artist Colony that can immediately sacrifice agendas for large tempo gain. Shadow Net for Dirty Laundry is particularly brutal. With Clone Chip unrestricted, Clot is annoying, but beatable.

You do not protect your agendas, rather you shove them out in the open along with your assets. You may build a single remote with a single ice to protect Arella Salvatore/Breaker Bay Grid/Calibration Testing. If the runner slowly accumulates agendas, Fast Break and Game Changer (particularly with one or two Team Sponsorships on the board) can close out the game very easily.

If you're playing against this deck, save your multiaccess to close out the game. Going from 1 to 4 points is very bad value, just enabling the combo. If you have The Turning Wheel, consider running and jacking out just to build up for a massive game-winning run, rather than slowly accumulating agendas. Trash as many assets/upgrades as you can, prioritizing Team Sponsorships, since that's basically all your money is useful for. Only run remotes if you can afford to trash a Team Sponsorship, which they will hide amongst their naked agendas (which essentially function as traps.)

20 Sep 2018 JackMade

@Chiphead404 It is pretty much matchup dependant what you mulligan for. ICE is good in matchups, where runs are actually threatening for example if you expect to play against Diversion of Funds . The main idea of the deck is, that you profit if the runner steals agendas (if the agenda isn't Project Vitruvius that is.

Winning on turn 2 is actually pretty hard since there are not that many good runner cards to steal a lot of points in one turn and if you end a turn on 5 or 6 agendas you pretty much lose on the spot against the combo turn. You have to consider, that you can draw a lot of cards if the runner steals a lot of agendas.