At World's End (top Apex @ Worlds 2018)

Uruz 590

I had been iterating on a stupid aesop-bigrig in prep for all the glacier-y surveyor tax crap, but the night prior while testing I spent the evening watching titan and ctm score agendas out from under me before I could get rolling. I've felt this pain before, and had come prepared to audible to something I'm old hat at, so to speak.

Turns out, being a pirate means snagging the title of "world's greatest Apex." Don't worry, I'm letting it go straight to my head.

It's not exactly new technology, the only real interesting bits being a one-off turning wheel instead of a cam and adding a pair of reboots. Reboot is a workhorse for your econ and deck thinning before levy, and turning wheel lets me do something resembling pressuring centrals. On the day I wish I had been on 2 apoc and 3 heartbeat, but that's more of a matchup gripe than deckbuilding one.

Overall, I just want another crack at a tournament of this scale again. I had tons of fun and got to really get a feel of how awesome this community is.

Also, I still have a point to prove.