Kid Running With Knives

Jandersoncad 1009

Frantic Knife Throwing is Back with a 2.0!!!

For those of you who loved the slim rig Ice Destruction...put an apple on your head...references look no more.

So what have we changed.

Gnat over Quetzal. Were Quetzal gave early game aggression now with Gnat we can consistently set up quicker with the 40 card deck size. The one credit drip actually happens a lot more than you think.

Patchwork...what can be said about this card besides the fact its a powerhouse. It replaced Spinal Modem because it is scary in a Surveyor meta though the 2 recurring credits are easily gained in the 2 credit discount. Also discarding a Morning Star to play Retrieval Run for 1 credit is RAD!!!

2 Levy! You will go through the deck. Simply put. Trust me you want two.

Cut Frantic Coding. We are a kid running with knives and because we are so small we don't need the help with Frantic finding our pieces.

Overall its a fun aggressive deck that plays in a really unique way. Try it out and have fun!

18 Sep 2018 xWZRDx

Nice! I liked the original version and played the Zoya the Destroya version for quite a bit because I'm a fan of Quetzal. I'm excited to give this a try.

Out of curiosity, how do you fair against MTI? I struggled against them because they can use the ID ability after you've surfed in.

20 Sep 2018 hemraa

@Jandersoncad What do you usually go for with DJ Fenris?

20 Sep 2018 Jandersoncad

@hemraaSteve Cambridge

25 Sep 2018 flagellumVagueness

I've been playing this deck a bit, and I've found the Cyberfeeders don't tend to pay off, so I've swapped them out for the third copies of Guinea Pig and Same Old Thing.