Murder She Worlds (3-4)

Swan 395

This is 100% a @PJ20 deck

Thursday evening I had just bombed out at KoS, so I was gonna play Apex because I said if I bomb out at KoS I'd be on Apex. I was talking to PJ20 and other bay area players about what decks we were gonna play and Pete had decided he'd play his Asa list so I was either looking at playing this IG list or the Titan list I had been goofing around with since may. Ultimately I chose to play IG for two reasons, firstly, because I was playing Apex I would find myself down in the jank tank and I reasoned that IG would be able to pick up some free wins. Second was that the IG deck was already constructed and I could just have it. This thing tilted a couple people just being IG and I did get free wins with it. But it I had to do it again I'd prolly have played my Harmony RUSHtek.