Au Wuvoir

Vicarin 132

Putting this up because some people have been asking for the list every so often.

This deck is pretty silly, abusing the amazing synergy between being able to get 3 Au Revoir out by turn 2 every game no matter what, and being able to peel rezzed ice off any server by using Laamb + Ankusa. If a corp starts falling behind and doesn't have any FA, there's very few ways of getting out of that lock, especially when backed up with Diversion of Funds spam using The Shadow Net.

Once the corp's been forced entirely on the defensive, you then install an Equivocation, and go to town on R+D, until the corp decks out and you win. If they try stopping you with ice, just keep peeling it away until they can't rez it anymore, as you can always click for 12 credits each turn.

Hardest matchups are any with a strong FA component in the deck (Titan is a nightmare), and Mti's ability will make it incredibly difficult to safely get money (have to dig for strikes). Other than that, asset spam is usually not too bad with Super Mopus available for money, and the 1x Marathon if you can get it earlyish. Glacier in general will need a lot of fairly cheap ice with punishing facechecks early if it wants to keep you on the back foot.