Weyland: Meat Cleaver v2

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Lemmit 18

9 May 2014 Aydos

This deck looks painful to play against.

9 May 2014 wedgeex

Oh, god - the Posted Bountys went in too.... brutal.

28 May 2014 W4lt3r B15h0p

since i started playing recently, i've had nothing but problems with my weyland. it took awhile for me to get the notion that weyland is just best at flatlining. since adopting your build, i'm now picking up wins within my local circle. i nailed the other night a turn 2 flatline via double punitive counter strike. my favorite is seeing an early game account siphon run and my response is rezzing Draco. No money from the run and they still take a tag via the subroutine. good stuff sir! hopefully this will inspire me to do some sweet builds in the future.