Burn It All Down

BagOfSquirrels 7

Skeleton for a heavy central pressure deck. Console is debatable between Maw, Obelus, and Patchwork. Advice/comments welcome.

4 Oct 2018 Skeletons

I like it! What are your thoughts on Clone Chips over Nyashia and using them to support multiple eXer?

Also, with multiaccess on R&D and HQ, a Divide and Conquer might be good.

7 Oct 2018 OrionJA

@Skeletons, I'm not the author but I run a somewhat similar Omar list. I used Maw because I like it and I hate asset spam, but it can be cripplingly slow to set up if you're scared of Hard-Hitting News.

Divide and Conquer doesn't make sense in this deck because it doesn't trigger Bhagat, Obelus, Utopia Shard, Political Operative, or Fenris/Steve. Omar's ID ability does trigger them, and corps fear it so much that they often put more ice on Archives than they do on any other server. You don't want an event that forces you to run through that -- you want cards that make it worthwhile to hit whichever central is least defended. Also, this deck is super hungry for credits.