Wakks 105

Do you want to install birds for 1 or 2? Of course you do.

The idea is to get Patchwork as soon as possible to turn stuff you don't need into 2. You need a Patchwork, you need all of your Earthrise Hotel. Money events and resources are obviously high priority. One The Turning Wheel and Security Testing are necessary. Install one or two Datasucker depending on the matchup. Everything else is fairly up in the air. Express Delivery is important until you find a Patchwork and the Hotels. It then becomes a worse Special Order. Then just 2. Figure out the matchup, make good card valuation decisions, and try to win.

Khan with two Patchwork has a slightly worse time opening one than Los: Data Hijacker with three. Khan's ability is the most important thing here though. Saving the click to install gives you a click to draw 2 or maybe even use the card's text. Her smaller deck size also helps with drawing all of the Earthrises. "Free" draw is very important here. You could try the deck with Crowdfunding instead of Sec Testing or No One Home. Keros would be nice. Other draw options would be nicer.

6 Oct 2018 ntahfs

Woooow! This is such a great observation! Free install = free credits from patchwork! No click trigger on patchwork. I love it. I'm not convinced you've maximized the efficiency. I am going to try to build around this. Who would have though Khan would be efficient?

6 Oct 2018 Zenit

I think this deck would really like to use Inside job to activate Khan's ability. Spear Pishing also a good alternative. Even Femme Fatale.

7 Oct 2018 OrionJA

When do you start running? Waiting until you find and install all your birds seems impractical. Do you just facecheck things and count on redundancy to save you?

7 Oct 2018 Wakks

@OrionJA Yeah you face check once or twice to scout. The redundancy is there to hit breakers early, and use them as HP/2. Once you have the opponent rez a piece of ice, you can use it to install birds until they shore up that server. Tracers and bioroids are all nice ice to pass. Conceding an agenda to get past ice defending other servers is a good play as well. The scariest matchup by far is Jinteki, especially Mti, but if the Corp player leans on "crutch" ice just to keep you out, you'll be alright. Pay full price for one bird, then grab that last S for Savings as you install others.

7 Oct 2018 N0R5E

I might try this with -2 Employee Strike -1 Miss Bones +2 Corporate "Grant" +1 Xanadu to keep the corp poor and unable to rerez their ice. What do you think of Autoscripter as a way to generate more draw (from more clicks) or High-Stakes Job for more money?

9 Oct 2018 Wakks

@N0R5E, Autoscripter could be a thing but once it's on the table I feel that it restricts you to making runs you're sure you can make while installing an icebreaker.
High-Stakes has a higher threshold to play and requires ice on the table. You can play Laundry at 2 or 0 without having to attack an iced server.
Corporate "Grant" is good and I know this because I showered an opponent in credits when I ignored a Death and Taxes for most of the game.