419 Teaching Deck

Torch 9

Built this deck for a new friend in the St. Louis meta.

The basic design behind this deck is to try and keep the Corporation as poor as possible for as long as possible, extending the early game and using your ID to leverage their credits and information. Combining that with Zamba and PAD Tap should create decent credit flow to fund your runs. This deck will be making a lot of runs, playing very aggressive with Aumaukua as the core breaker of the deck. Real breakers exist for pesky ICE that is harder to deal with, but for the most part, you'll be leaning on the turtle to get all your work done. Mining Accident + Diversion of Funds + Emergency Shutdown will constantly drain the Corp's reserves to open up windows to access cards using Indexing or HQ Interface and Embezzle. Mr. Li helps to dig through the deck to find the cards you need and a few other cards fill out the list to help things run smoothly and keep your bank account in the green.