Architects of Tomorrow Teaching Deck

Torch 9

Built this deck for a new friend in the St. Louis meta.

The basic design behind this deck is to build super servers with massive walls of ICE that the runner will have to deal with. Using Jinja City Grid, the Corp player will quickly build up deep servers on R&D, HQ and a Scoring Remote they create. Ash 2X3ZB9CY, Code Replicator and Red Herrings help to protect the agendas in the server as you score and Distract the Masses helps to put back agendas should you flood out. Otherwise it can be used to shuffle back econ. The decks basic econ package is Hedge Fund, IPO and NGO Front along with SSL Endorsement. The ID helps dissuade the expensive cost of a bunch of the bioroids, but there are still plenty of pricey ICE, so clicking for credits will be a must in this build since Bryan Stinson is not in our available cardpool.