Good Adam

rojazu 1342

Rework of the Aussie Nationals winner deck for personal taste. That deck is already very strong and im not convinced this is an improvement on it, but nethertheless a competitive Adam is something I thought I would never see.

Removed all the tech cards replaced with stronger economy engine in the form of a full compliment of Fan Sites and Career Fairs. Just solid fundamentals, plays a like a criminal-shaper hybrid.

Turtle + Hunting Grounds/Dorm Computer/Fenris may be better than Ika with thoughtful play. Drop the baby as deck is rich enough.

16 Oct 2018 RepoRogue

What do you do if your Ika gets trashed?

17 Oct 2018 frankbsad

@RepoRogue ika is really just a back up. Across all my games at Worlds and nationals playing Adam, I think only installed my sentry breaker once.