f i g h t e r - Australia's Best Reina 2018

JohnnyMilton 1015

What are you waiting for? Sleeve up your badass drone warrior Reina from Nationals and go get those agendas!

I won 3 games out of 5 with this and lost the two on the back of some pilot errors that were pretty clear in hindsight. This deck always has the reach and disruption required, so it's better than I am at playing it.

It previously featured 2 x Hijacked Router but I expected to see a lot of Mti on the day oh boy, there was a tonne. There's not much more satisfying than seeing someone rez an Anansi for 12 credits and then blowing it up on the next run.

Hernando Cortez is the heart and soul of this deck. Bless and cherish. ?