Good gaaaaames, everyone! (6th at Diversified Portfolio)

Cpt_nice 1177

Diversified Portfolio was a new format I came up with as the side event. Click here for the full description. TL;DR: every ID had a score attributed to it, and you couldn't play both a meta corp and runner because of this.

I decided to play since there was an uneven number of people. I had brought a Professor deck for the occasion. It was ok. Did better on Jinteki than irl. I did beat MTI with it after opening the nuts, which was sweeeet. It is basically shaper BS with ALL the cool programs. Being able to play Imp. Reaver, Mongoose, Trope, Paperclip AND D4V1D feels great. You are basically a fancier Reavershop with a blank ID. I totally forgot to bring a Beth, so I decided to play one Armitage instead. If you feel like playing this deck and making the Professor great again, definitely also add Paricia.

I didn't know what to spend the 1 influence on as I banned Rebirth and didn't feel like play testing all options like Stimhack, TW, etc. I just opted for a second Harbinger. It is great money, so it was fine. My Harmony Medtech deck did a lot better, winning 3 out of 4. Two of those were after the runner had only one, unpleasant, turn. It was a silly tournament. But I think we all had great fun so I would love to organize it again sometime. Thanks to everyone for coming! And remember, "be the meta you wish to see".