Exiled Overmind

DaveZilla 7

Just a fun deck with a simple idea - play Overmind as your "only" breaker/installed program (3 power counters, or 4 when installed on Omni-Drive) and try and make it more efficient with the e3FeedBack Implants. Once your Overmind is out of power, pawn it to Aesop's or Scavenge for itself for extra buttkicking for goodness.

Grappling Hook there for the obvious synergy with e3, and Deus X/Sharpshooter cause they're great disposable breakers...

( ??? Chaos Theory loves Overmind Deck ??? - might try her instead of Exile )

(Thanks to @nervamory for extra inspiration with his "Overmind Kasparov v2")