Welcome to Mwanza City: Look, Learn, Die! 5 out 5 Dutch nats

Bast10n 120

So This deck is the only reason i ended as high as 13th, since it went undefeated. Also brought previous versions to Germany (KoS) and Belgium (Nats). This is the best working formula so far, since it went undefeated. it went against spy cam gheist, Good stuff Alice, Paragon SMoke, Heartbeat Hayley and Good stuff Val. so it did not had it easy but pulled trough all the times.

Now the main engine of this deck is Mwanza city grid wich lets you pull them trough a mine field wich is called R&D or HQ and get payed for it. but hey have to run it to see those agendas.

It is also great economy, especially since Punitive needs to beat a trace. the rest of your economy is clicking for credit. and that brings met to my next important player: Gilas Hands Arcology. Clicking for vredit, but better and it is an agenda, so either a point in your score area and/ or a net damage for your opponent.

As you can see there are several fast advance toools, these are mainly for scoring Gilas, Chronos or Philotic. most of the time you do not make a scoring remote, and you just ice up your servers.

The other upgrades helps with some of the biggest weaknesses of this deck: Prisec gives a Tag, just like snare, wich you use to Silince the Film critic. Cyberdex Virus Suite should take care of that annoying cloth. and they cause a extra acces wich means Mwanza Money!

Use preemptive to recharge your R&D with traps, or if the win by score is within reach al the fast advance tools.

This deck is Like a russion roulette, you useally win because the runner does not know what they are going to run into, and if they don't care it could mean some mean traps will fire. I think i had 3 or 4 snare kils and one crysalis kil (excellent trap, especialy if there is no breaker yet)

All by all, this deck has many out, and really punishes runner mistakes. however, you can randomly lose if mwanza stays active too long.

I enjoyed this deck, and hope you will too! and a big thank you to all the amazing runners and TO's that made the last Nationals a Blast :)

23 Oct 2018 BlackCherries

B t w, Mwanza City Grid does not pay out for accessing upgrades installed in the root of a central server. This has already been outlined in the UFAQ for the card.

Just a note for next time :)

23 Oct 2018 Lyon

@BlackCherries Actually, MCG does pay out for accessed upgrades installed in the root of a central server according to the UFAQ:

Does the Corp gain 2 for each upgrade installed in the root of R&D or HQ as well as for each of the cards accessed from the central server itself?

Yes. While the first part of Mwanza City Grid's ability gives additional access from the server itself, the second part counts all cards accessed during that access phase, including Mwanza City Grid itself and other upgrades in the server's root.

23 Oct 2018 BlackCherries

Oh whoops. That's what I get for selective reading. Good catch.

23 Oct 2018 wedgeex

Anyone that can use Shi.Kyū in a competitive build has my favorite. Looks like a blast to play.

24 Oct 2018 Bast10n

@BlackCherries yeah, looked it up before building this deck. Mwanza would be pretty vad otherwise. @Lyon is right, and it is what makes other upgrades so much better. @wedgeex thnx, i believe it makes archives way taxing unless they run shadow net. And with breached dome in there you can damage them either way :)

5 Nov 2018 Rahrhino

Similar to a deck I built a while ago but this seems a lot more resilient to Shadow Net (which was a weakness of mine)... I ended up cutting Punitive as I never felt like I had enough of a credit advantage is the deck taxes cards rather than credits - did you find it did much work for you? netrunnerdb.com

7 Nov 2018 Bast10n

@Rahrhino It worked once in the sense that i made someone heartbeat their entire playing field. Credits are no problem as scoring out an early gilas makes clicking for credits more profitable. And mwanza gives the big bucks off course. Also the treath of a punitive makes most runners overly carefull wich makes for a easy shipment score. Did not meet many shadownet users yet and i always had the luck of net damaging it to the heap.