PubRunner - Trixie Firecracker Quetzal Frantic Knife Thrower

DarthCantankerous 20

So Llamb is pretty nuts. You know what also is nuts? Blowing up ICE with a really big Morning Star and throwing Knives at them.

This is a really fun deck to play that involves essentially throwing away all your things and then bringing them back. Its pretty silly and works way better than I thought it would. Its has some close games vs Titan FA but I always find i'm losing at 6. I tried doing Clot with Clone Chip and it just feels like it hurts what the deck tries to do.

I think the one of Levy is extremely necessary as its not uncommon for you to dump 20 cards into your heap to get your breakers. And that is were the beauty in redundancy is. Some of these deck slots can be tweaked but I've even played this versus Skorpios which I thought would be an abysmal match and it was very close.

26 Oct 2018 Cluster Fox

I approve the name.

27 Oct 2018 otterstrike

This is super fun. Thank you!

27 Oct 2018 otterstrike

And the flavour is unreal! Something about a knife-chucking maniac with a morning star surfing her way over and through absolutely everything she hasn't already filled with knives is just genius.

30 Oct 2018 Cluster Fox

@DarthCantankerous I just realized, this is not a Trixie Firecracker (TM) deck. It's missing a very crucial card and cannot be named as such :P