3-Pete (1st place in some future event)

pj20 1446

Go Team

“Alright team, here’s the gameplan. INSTALL EVERYTHING.”

“But coach, won’t they just trash the things?”

“Then we’ll have them right where we want them!”

This is my take on Sportsmetal, forgoing the classic “combo” with Arella & Calibration, instead focusing on jamming assets and using the ID as an accelerant. While I haven’t tested this deck outside of jnet yet, I know you have to put first place in the title or people won’t read your decklist. I call it 3-Pete, because it’s got that squeaky clean all 3-of’s that OCD dreams are made of, and my name is Pete. EZPZ.

You have a few main win conditions:

First, install everything and get paid to do it with Turtlebacks. They won’t be able to trash everything, as many of the assets have high trash costs and you can have multiple Hostile Infrastructures on the board.

Next is the Lakshmi puzzle. Since all of your agendas are 3x, once you get 2 of the same in hand, you can install and safely score, protecting both in the process. The only real counters are Film Critic and Imp, so be careful of this plan if you suspect those cards.

Borrowing from my favorite HB architype, you also have some pretty good click denial tools. With MCA Austerity Policy + Enhanced Login Protocol + Ikawah Project, you make them focus their runs and possibly make it unable to steal your 3-pointers. MCAAP will allow you to score pretty much anything from hand as well, or just Team Sponsorship another MCA back and take away another click.

Card Choices:

I’ve been pretty obsessed with the Mother Goddess / Tour Guide suite lately, and this is a perfect fit for it. Keep the MoGo online if you’re trying to jam behind it or protect a central, or add 1-10+ End the Runs onto your Tour Guide in a pinch.

Tech Startup is to get whatever tool seems relevant, but usually Jeeves or Turtlebacks early and MCAAP or Lakshmi late. The Team Sponsorship triggers are usually the same, but getting an Advanced Assembly Lines back for extra installs and money (and Lakshmi counters) feels good as well.

The only non 3x in the deck really could be any 4/2 agenda. I played with Timely Public Release and Advanced Concept Hopper, but Successful Field Test seems the most thematic.

2 Nov 2018 PaulLlama

This deck is actually a lot of fun to play!

@pj20 I was trying to figure out a way to fit some Preemptive Actions into the deck to bring back cards that the runner eventually trashes. Any thoughts?

2 Nov 2018 pj20

@PaulLlama typically that doesn't seem to be an issue, it's why you have 3x of everything. Team Sponsorship is usually all that is needed, but IF I was going to try to jam one in it would be cutting a Shipment. Jeeves already allows you to install up to 4 cards.

3 Nov 2018 CelestialSpark

I don't understand one thing: What do you do if the runner just trashes your Turtlebacks?

5 Nov 2018 Havvy

Have you been tempted to go for Elective Upgrades instead of Ikawah Project?

5 Nov 2018 Vortilion

Runner with Magnum Opus is crushing this deck... every time... :-(

5 Nov 2018 pj20

You don't need a ton of money to do stuff, especially with Jeeves and Lakshmi. You'll get some value out of Turtlebacks, and if they are trashing things for 4-5 credits they won't have time to make multiple runs. If you need money, the ID will help provide it to you, or pitch them a Hyperloop for 5 credits. AAL is also a +2 credit swing and Rashida gets your money as well.

Try to keep ELP out and click MCA when you can. Lakshmi is way more of a win condition than money anyway, so the second you have a window to use it, jam that agenda, score it, Team Sponsorhip something and take the 2 credits or cards.

6 Nov 2018 Vortilion

But Lakshmi only helps you if your Agenda is already out, othwise you can't score it in the same turn you play it (except when being able to use MCA). But in my experience now with this deck the runner ALWAYS goes for all stuff you put out and always finds the agendas... It was the case in all my games so far... And if he has a MO out he just keeps on trashing stuff, without me being able to get a scoring window. :-(

6 Nov 2018 pj20

With Lakshmi you don’t install the agenda until you have 2 of the same in hand THEN you play it, rez Lakshmi + 1-2 more things, preferably AAL. You don’t really ever have to naked install agendas unprotected. If you’re playing MCA or ELP even if they’re using MOpus they can only trash 1 expensive thing per turn. The key is to out tempo them and take advantage of windows. Also getting Hostiles out really can make those trashes painful.

I’m not saying it’s an easy deck to pilot but I’m over 75% w the deck in about 40+ games and the only losses were to people recurring Imps or occasionally if you get super flooded.

6 Nov 2018 Vortilion

I'm not saying its a bad deck, don't get me wrong, I know that you know what you're doing. ;-) Just telling about my experiences. Last game with Mopus (ok, i didnt have ELP out), the runner trashed at least 2 assets each turn... and even with MCA, if its running its the first item the runner goes for. In my games. at the moment I have a 40% win quota with it, but still it's the best Sportsmetal Deck I played so far, so I keep on trying! ;-)

9 Nov 2018 Zerothmaxima

What about Loki? Gives you a second MoGo or an extra Tourguide.

22 Feb 2019 Grimwalker

This was a delight to play against. Well done. [Pampelmuse]