Big Boys Play With Monoliths (Undefeated on

Watzlav 402

I know... you probably think that I used the deck name generator to come up with this whole idea. You would dismiss it as a mere meme. You would be wrong. I'm not shouting out my Netrunner mentor PeekaySK just for amusement. This is serious.*

The efficiency of this deck is incredible. Let's go over the numbers together.

  • First, let's talk about Gnat. How did this go through playtesting? It gives you 1 every turn. As efficiently and reliably as humanly possible. Still only quarter as efficient as Valencia, but you have leaner deck that leads to higher consistency. If you do the math, the deck's exactly 10 cards fewer.

  • Duggar's gives you 2.25 cards per . That's 0.25 card more than Wyldside – the card that fueled oppressive Anarch decks for years. And it's even cheaper to install!

  • Windfall gives you 18 per . Not even Prepaid Kate in the days of her biggest glory could dream of that value!

  • Frantic Coding lets you trash 10 cards from your stack in one . Inject only lets you trash 4 cards and was good enough to appear in two World Championship winning decks.

  • Stimhack! It's like Peace In Our Time that doesn't give the Corp 5 credits, forbid running, or cost influence. How is this still not on MWL?

  • Monolith lets you gain in one . That's the highest memory efficiency in the game! Not that you would ever want to install it when you have the most broken console in faction, but it's there.

  • Labour Rights– lets you recur 3 cards back to your stack. You also have Levy AR Lab Access to recur 39 cards. And finally Trope, that lets you put back infinity cards – that's the efficiency this deck is going for.

I'm not saying that will continue to be the the top faction for another three years, but if you do the math on those crazy numbers, that's the result you will get.

*Or maybe this is a meme and I just can't figure out how to put gif in the description.

6 Nov 2018 Breaker

Plot twist: This deck hasn't played any games on Jnet.

6 Nov 2018 divadus

So I know that this deck is a meme... but I'd be remiss if I failed to mention that Gnat only makes 1 credit each turn (assuming 2 or fewer cards in grip).

6 Nov 2018 Watzlav

@Breaker: I could smile, point at my temple and say: "You can't lose on Jnet, if you don' play there."

@divadus: You're correct! I've got to rework the whole equation of Gnat and Duggar's to see how much money I get.

7 Nov 2018 demoy

@Watzlav bravo sir. Bravo.

8 Nov 2018 dome_

<3 Thanks for beeing part of the community!

9 Nov 2018 Gnat

Damn, I'm good.

11 Nov 2018 PeterCapObvious

Well I mean if it has been played zero games in total then technically it is undefeated right?

11 Nov 2018 Watzlav

Stimhack and Turntable on MWL confirmed.

12 Nov 2018 sbso

Windfall 18/click? Where do "the numbers" come from?

12 Nov 2018 icecoldjazz

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that's Done The Math™

13 Nov 2018 adquen

@sbso: Windfall gives you 18c/click if (and only if) you play it and the trashed card happens to be Monolith. Which, of course, is possible, but due to the shuffle effect of Windfall ... not very likely. At least not unless you have a very thin stack left.

14 Nov 2018 Vortilion

Don't understand this deck... Credit-Problems every single time.... It just doesn't work for me.

14 Nov 2018 sbso

@adquenyeah, sure; but it "doesn't give you" 18/c; you would say that for getting 18 on every click or on average. Basically you trash through the deck, make sure Windfalls and SameOl in Grip and Monolith on top of a 3 card Stack and get your breakers directly from Heap.

14 Nov 2018 adquen

@sbo (and also partly @Vortilion): This is a meme deck, a lot of the interactions in this deck don't work anywhere near reliable. ;) The "18c/click" for Windfall is a prime example for this.

15 Nov 2018 Sonalator

You'd be amazed to know that in 2 games I played with this deck:

On the first game, I drew my whole stack in the first 4-5 turns, then used Labor Rights to guarantee the 3 monoliths in stack, 2x Windfall'ed for 36c, ran a bit, used Levy then proceeded to win the game with only 3 corp agenda points scored. (Albeit against a player who was seemingly a newbie)

On the 2nd game, against a seemingly competitive MTI, I got Ark'ed for my monoliths, then used Femme with Labor Rights and Windfall. Then lost, but still. MONOLITH AS AN ARKABLE CARD IS THE BIGGEST MORAL VICTORY I'VE EVER GOT IN NETRUNNER.