Loutfit (Post worlds)

thebigunit3000 1895

It hasn't placed high in anything, because there haven't been any events, but it's been cleaning up at gnks and on jnet (80 percent at around 70 games).

It's very much a toolbox deck, where you have tag punishment, fast advance and big remotes all in one deck. Dedication ceremony is definitely the mvp, giving you a Titan-esque fast advance strategy. Often you'll install Reconstruction Contract in the remote, then use dedication next turn for 1 or 3 atlas counters. Reversed serves a similar purpose, where you can dedication and crack back with hard hitting news or open a scoring window.

Border control is new. My thoughts:

Ark lockdown is a card you can often tutor for to open a scoring window or even lock out an anarch (normally, targeting black orchestra). Archived Memories allows you to keep the hhn pressure going, or get back dedication pieces to threaten to score out.