Power Infusion

ntahfs 423

Power Infusion:

Whipped this together after the recent Beyoken video about Media Blitz with Jumon and Metropole Grid about Bio Vault. I saw an opportunity in 17 inf AgInfusion: New Miracles for a New World since Media Blitz costs 9 inf!

I've only played one game with this deck, but it went pretty well. Let them have Jumon or score it with Trick of Light. Shuffle back bio vault and NGO Front to use with any Jumon or Media Blitz for great value! Armor up HQ if you find Hired Help. Boop into Excalibur, or big ice like Chiyashi, or collect bio-boops and/or Nisei MK IIs to score something big. Preemptive Action to shuffle back your trashed cards to try again, e.g. ice or bio vaults.

I'm sure you can do well with it too. Here's a cute picture...