Lola - Charity Gift Unique ID

rotage 2027


This is the list I used with the unique Lola ID at the recent Charity Gift event in Sheffield. The ability is:

“Your deck must contain an equal amount of Anarch, Shaper and Criminal cards and Total Influence. At the start of your turn, name a faction. You may only play or install cards of that faction this turn :click: or 1 :credit: Name a different faction”

The deck was inspired by @Fredpi who sent me a list on the Friday beforehand which helped me come up with the list.

15 Nov 2018 EnderA

Holy crap that's a powerful identity!

15 Nov 2018 beyoken

The only ID that requires a specialised spreadsheet to deckbuild :D

17 Nov 2018 H0tl1ne

Basically, if you want to play Keyforge while you play Netrunner, that's what you need.

In fact, you're also playing Arkham Horror LCG while you do.

I don't know what to say. Such feats of multitasking shouldn't be possible. But here it is.