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Netrunner is a fun, fun game. A game that I have had very little opportunity to play over the last few years, but now I am back playing (very timely, I know) - I guess when life gives you lemons you make slightly out of date lemonade.

Anywho, when I came back, I learnt that FFG had printed all the champion cards they had in the works, pretty awesome. Crowdfunding looks sweet and, given its recursion ability it seems like a perfect fit for my favourite runner of all time, MaxX … well except, it is three (three!!!) influence. Let's see what we can do given that inf constraint.

The Deck:

Basically, this is a fairly standard Patchwork MaxX deck but with 3x Crowdfunding to provide you with a constant stream of creds and cards + provide a ton of synergy with your ID and Console. This means you don’t get to play the traditional multiaccess cards (Maker's Eye, Legwork, Indexing etc.) or tech-y breakers (Aumakua, Femme etc.). I feel like the power and synergy of Crowdfunding is still worth it but putting this deck out there to see what y'all think.


  • 2x Black Orchestra, 2x Paperclip, 2x MK Ultra - So far, so Anarch. There is nothing I have to say here that someone smarter or more handsome has not already said in a more entertaining manner.
  • 1x Datasucker, 1x Imp - The tech cards, I like these, partially because I have a promo Imp I want to play with. You can play whatever you like here, although it is worth noting that you normally have 5 MU so playing 2 tech programs makes maximum use of that. D4v1d would be cool in this slot as well actually.


  • 3x Patchwork - This card is insane in MaxX, install and activate it as much as possible.


  • 3x Dirty Laundry, 3x Sure Gamble, 3x Inject, 3x I've Had Worse - MaxX wants two things, cards and cash and these are just the best ways of giving you these things. I like 3x of each but I could see a more nuanced split after more testing.
  • 2x Hacktivist Meeting - Sadly you are basically forced to use Levy as your restricted card (and it is 3 inf) so your best option for a current is Hacktivist as you cannot play ES. Luckily the card is pretty good and I could see the inclusion of a 3rd copy, esp if Scarcity is very common in your meta.
  • 3x Stimhack - Traditionally you can beat most corps as MaxX without running remotes that often because your multi-access was good enough. Sadly, with this build that is not the case so Stimhacking an agenda is more important hence 3 copies where previously I only played 2.
  • 1x Levy AR Access - I think you still want this. It is tough, in about 60%-70% of games you don't need to use it but when games go long you really need it so I think the inclusion is still worth it.
  • 1x Rebirth - Like Levy you don't need it until the game goes long. If it does after the Levy I like to rebirth Omar to finish of the game. Usually occurs around halfway through the second deck.


  • 3x Crowdfunding - The heart of this build of the deck. This card works very well with everything MaxX want to be doing. Works with her ability, works with Patchwork. Provides cards and credits. I like it a lot.
  • 3x Daily Cast, 3x Lib Acc - Pretty standard Econ stuff for MaxX. Nice to Patchwork them out.
  • 3x SOT - Levy is such a crutch...
  • 2x Turning Wheel - The only multi access the deck can afford because Crowdfunding steals your inf. Luckily it is pretty good and lets you pressure both HQ and R&D (as well as Archives post rebirth). Pains should be taken to install and protect it.
  • 1x Ice Carver - The tech slot for resources, there are a lot of ICE that suddenly get 3 credits cheaper with Ice Carver in play. It is possible that having both Ice Carver and Datasucker is too much but I like having two of this effect and they play differently enough I think that it is OK.

tldr: Netrunner is still insanely fun and Crowdfunding has lots of synergy with MaxX. It is nice to be playing again.

18 Nov 2018 Mpascall

I've haven't been interested in MaxX before. But this looks fun. I'll give it a run.

How much does it screw up your game if you don't draw Patchwork?

18 Nov 2018 Charlesworth

It's fine, Patchwork is just a really nice econ card. It hurts you much the same way as not drawing other Econ (with the excepting of trashing a program to play say a DL and then installing that program, things like that help her explode a lot).

19 Nov 2018 Renegat

Great write-up. Thank you. Enjoyed it.