Dog Day Afternoon (System Core 2019)

rongydoge 371

Cuz it's got a dog and some hostages.


As soon as System Core 2019 was announced my mind went straight to the one card that benefited the most from Hostage being un-rotated - DJ Tod Q Fenris.

And obviously, the best place to play Tod is in Jesminder, so that you can get that sweet sweet Liza draw with none of the tag drawback.

This is the totally slapdash result of that brainstorm, thrown together and almost completely untested. Lady is there because Eli is back.

Mind's Eye is a weird choice and probably not right, but I couldn't NOT include it when I realized it combos with the also recently un-rotated R&D Interface.

The dream is to get accesses on R&D early and build counters on Mind's Eye, then later when you have 2-3 RDI set up you can just click to get a Maker's without running.

Also, I started playing Netrunner seriously after rotation, so something I learned is that I have NO idea how to effectively use Kati Jones.

Also, you can Hostage out Kati or John or even Beth in a pinch.

Hostage is a good card. System Core 2019 rules.

28 Nov 2018 Cooker

If you are planning on getting Fenris/Liza out quickly with Hostage (or finding him) and have Diesels, do you really need Masanori? If you are planning on hammering R&D with RDIs, maybe Psych Mike would be good for some run based income.