Steveshop (3-0 at my weekly meetup)

branimated 482

Publishing for Joe.

It only took me two years to figure it out, but here it is: a reg Criminal deck that has enough money to play the game.

Drug Dealer is great! Draw cards, pay for drugs with Crowdfunding, sell the Dealer when it's time to detox. The rest is pretty self explanatory, but comes together in a really satisfying way - everything you draw is reasonable, and you can alternate between setup and pressure competently.

Next up: port this to some other ID for use in System Core 2019 meta.

18 Nov 2018 errantmage

I got to see an earlier draft of this list in action, then borrow the deck to play it for a match. It was a blast. It's the first Crim deck I've played since Siphon that really has that old-school Crim econ feel. And there's something particularly charming about sitting on 30 credits by turn 5 and grinning when you see the HHN in their hand, knowing it's a dead card. Dear readers, this list before rotation sets in!

22 Nov 2018 Gswp

Steve being removed from the cardpool right as Criminals are getting better again is such a shame -- his ability is so interesting.

So I'll play him while I can, and I'm going to try this deck.

25 Nov 2018 branimated

In theory, Maker's Eye and Corroder can replace Indexing and Clip, and Hostage should help make the deck more consistent. Needs testing.