RP Glacier Post SC2019?

CritHitd20 1689

There are no Rashidas and only 2 NGO. I spent all my influence on the cards I liked from RP in 2015 because I didn't know what to do. It's probably not good enough but who knows? Not me! I'm gonna play it and have fun.

20 Nov 2018 theboycobra

Embolus is probably nonbo with RP (unless your centrals are stacked - what about bio vault?

20 Nov 2018 CritHitd20

So it was originally 1x Bio Vault but my logic is that Embolus forces the runner to actually get through the server's ice, which raises the value on your stacked centrals; they can't just bounce off the IP Block and run the remote. It's probably incorrect as you have pointed out but I want to try the cool new card since I've never played it.

21 Nov 2018 theboycobra

I think your logic is fair, but as a 1x, it might be a little flaky as it isn't online until all your centrals are good and crunchy. That being said, I've never loved Marcus Batty, maybe go to a 2/2 split?

5 Dec 2018 codychilton13

I'm just waiting on a punitive RP deck, i've had one in the works but i just cant quite get the mix of cards right.