Second Generation (MWL 3.0, SC 2019)

greyfield 3895

"Hey, Doc, you'd better cut some cards, you don't have any defensive upgrades."
"Defensive upgrades? Where we're going, we don't need defensive upgrades."

20 Nov 2018 Okkdoko

So nice to see Blue Sun coming back; how has this list been doing for you? As you point out there's no defensive upgrades, so I'm wondering if you can reliably score in a remote with just big ice (and border control). Been struggling to find slots/inf for kill package as plan B so I'm curious to hear if I should drop it alltogether.

20 Nov 2018 greyfield

So far I haven’t missed it. Four- and five-stacked servers with Border Control and Surveyor are usually too forbidding to be broken twice, and TPR gives you effective Nisei counters for the lategame. Not that you couldn’t squeeze in some Ashes or w/e. But it’s no longer mandatory.

29 Nov 2018 Shishu

How much money are you actually making from Oversight and Building Blocks without Chiyashi?

29 Nov 2018 Shishu

Nvm didn't notice Orion

10 Dec 2018 Urziel

Hi, I'm running a similar deck, with more focus on the Punitive Counterstrike and City Works Project + SSL Endorsement

Some observations, replacing one Gatekeeper with one Chiyashi works really good, you have another piece of serious ice you can use when you need your Orion as a scary ice or you were hit with Employee Strike and you cannot move Orion back to your hand.

Since you will have a huge surplus of cash I was thinking about a way to leverage this somehow (I had games when I was floating like 50 creds) - Sandburg comes in handy here (at least it looks good on paper) - but you need a 2nd server for this to work.

One card I would definitely add is Under the Bus - for Film Critic/Beth Kilrain-Chang/Kati Jones. But for that you need at least two Consulting Visit - maybe instead of Enigma?