like red but not quite (1st @ Slovak Nationals; 5-1 overall)

Odol 328

I like to think of this deck as a TV series from the ‘90s, where Kabonesa, May and Beth fight evil corporations by means of espionage, clairvoyance and African martial arts. They all have fancy cars, their drink of choice is Diesel and they always move fast… except for the times when they move EXTREMELY fast. Oh, and the theme music is by Aerosmith!

This deck is all about speed – you want to install Comet early and use it every turn; once you draw into Stimhack you want to get an SMC out of Kabonesa to fetch your breakers for free; and you want to have all the solid stuff on the table before you Levy, so that you can safely do the Oracle thing.

With all the draw-economy engine you can count on getting the Stimhacks for remote runs, Maker’s Eyes for value R&D pressure, and enough money to keep the corp at bay. The most interesting include I think are the Sports Hoppers, that prove to be extremely powerful against Obokata/Punitive decks, and also prevent the three copies of Modded from becoming useless once our console and breakers are in place.

Overall, I believe this to be a very strong deck made up of not-so-strong cards, which is one of the reasons why I like it a lot. I would like to thank all my opponents from the Slovak National championship for the amazing games I had with it. Rock on guys, and see you around!

26 Nov 2018 Renegat

the first paragraph alone, made my monday morning. thank you :)

26 Nov 2018 Slowriffs

Very nice deck! Why no Exclusive Party though?

26 Nov 2018 Odol

Slowriffs It felt like Process Automations and Easy Marks were just more reliable in the environment where people slot Ark Lockdowns and an occasional Chronos Project to rain on your exclusive parade. Also, I forgot to bring my party horn :|

26 Nov 2018 Slowriffs

@OdolHahaha! Fair, I haven't seen an Ark Lockdown in a long while but that is indeed a problem.