Menghini 29

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This Deck won me 3 out of 6 games during the Laserrunner event (winning from Val, Smoke and Quetzal, losing against Leela, Val/Omar, Geist). The NISEI excalibur/border control combo never came up, but Border Control is great to stop legworks/indexings/makerseyes/Diversion of Funds/etc. Don't be afraid to use the trash ability! And NEXT Diamond is perfect. A bit on the expensive side, but the reactions I heard when I rezzed it... ;)

I changed a bit from Tugtetgut's list: Bryan never really worked for my playstyle (though I can see the added value), and more ICE fits my playstyle.

All losses were close: I could score an agenda for the win as well (if I would have had one in my HQ).