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Zero Netrunner 69

Edit: tweaked this deck and don't know how to update: pulled Modded for Falsified, Pulled a Tycoon for Corroder. made a huge difference.

Peace In Our Time and Tycoon were inspired by a match against the king of jnet, Tugtetgut.

I've been going 80 percent with this one on jnet.

Tons of money, tons of aggression, lots of fun. Peace In Our Time and Crowdfunding are so broken. Tycoon and Peace give you (and them) tons of money so fast that you are set up and able to contest and lock any remote in no time. It's rich enough that HHN decks and asset spam decks are more or less auto-wins.

Jinteki traps can be it's tougher match-up (although trap deck are always VERY dumb/pointless on jnet where you can't read body language but I digress). It doesn't struggle so much as just not auto-win as it will against a lot of others.

The archetype itself is what is so strong that I would admit that this deck is far from optimum. It was really a rough draft but then it went so consistent in testing that I haven't really tweaked it yet. The first cards to cut would probably be No One Home, Security Testing.

I fantasizing about slotting a Beth Kilrane-Cheng but it seems one pip of influence short of having space for it. I'm not married to Na'No'Tek either.

Anyway, it crushes through everything effortlessly to the point that it's gotten a bit boring just destroying everyone constantly.

30 Nov 2018 BlackCherries

Doesn't seem like you have a Surveyor solution besides Datasucker? Have you faced it in testing?

30 Nov 2018 BlackCherries

Especially out of Jinja builds

1 Dec 2018 Zero Netrunner

Surveyor hasn't been a problem. The deck is filthy rich and with falsified you aren't making that many Jinja runs. Amina and Tycoon are so efficient the money will be there and Na'No'Tek scaled okay. Subbing one falsified for the surprisingly useless No One Home has done a lot of work.

Most often against vs glacial the Runner is set up faster than the corp is ready to build a server and agendas can build up in HQ for the picking or the runner has even more time to get further ahead and bank even more money.

The thing it has struggled with most in further testing is Punitive + City Works project or Obokata. I wish I could slot On The Lam but it only 3 permanent resources to target.

The only real question left is a better way to spend the 2 influence better than on the single modded.