Welcome to Mwanza City (1st @ Czech Nationals, 7-1)

Dante42 160

This deck is a blast to play (for you, not necessarily for your opponent). Only change I made was adding Crisium Grid to use up the free influence. It stopped the first Fear the Masses, but not much more.

The deck lost just one game in Swiss due to the pilot´s fatal error and carried me through the top cut undefeated. I believe all wins ended with a kill or runners conceding when they had no cards left.

2 Dec 2018 Someone

Good to see you did well with the pe list bast1on brewed up ? it’s fun for the Corp to play... Think the crisium is a good include, keep PE alive!

2 Dec 2018 Bast10n

Crisium grid... so simpke, so elegant. I tip my Top Hat to you sir. Many thanks and let's keep enjoying the great sights at mwanza city ! :)

3 Dec 2018 Dante42

Thank you. I´m more of a pilot than deckbuilder and I really enjoyed playing such a well constructed deck.

4 Dec 2018 Slowriffs

This is probably the most Notrunner a deck can be in the current meta...

10 Dec 2018 DPalmar

Do you make enough credits to kill with Punitive Counterstrike?

10 Dec 2018 Dante42

As long as the opponent runs Mwanza server at least once (giving you ~10-14 credits), then often yes. Scoring Gila early helps. You don´t have to spend much money on ICE. Punitive is however not the primary kill condition. Most runners die to Philotic or run out of cards.

From my experience Punitive Counterstrike mostly serves as a deterrent to stealing early/mid-game Obokata against experienced players.