Red Denial v1.1

paddosan 3351

A lot of major changes from the original version:

+3 Easy Mark / +1 Kati Jones / -2 Professional Contacts
+2 Running Interference / -2 Kraken
-2 Plascrete Carapace / -2 Public Sympathy
+1 Mimic / +1 Pawn

Mimic is here just for Swordsman, but only in single copy cause there's always 3 Parasite and they only require two turns to trash a Swordsman anyway.

Running Interference is quite expensive, but it's a beast, especially if you consider the added expense of Reina herself, Xanadu and Rook. Who's gonna pay the first ICE double + 4 credits? Even if the Corp does, it might make her broke, which is still a very good result even if your Run ends.

The deck is very aggressive, so I removed both Plascrete and Public Sympathy. It should be the Corp defending herself, not the opposite. Just don't overdo it, don't run on the last click, keep your grip full of cards, the usual stuff should do.
15 Nov 2013 haiku80


15 Nov 2013 paddosan

Haha, thanks... but rest assured, it's not so sweet to play against it! :D

15 Nov 2013 AsteriskCGY

Ahhhh, midseasons? Cause the one thing that throws me off are NBN Midseason/Psychographics decks. Then again, if you can Kati up enough just dump her after a Agenda steal and wait for that turn to pass.

15 Nov 2013 paddosan

Midseason is always a nightmare.

This being said, the deck should keep them low on credits or prevent them from rezzing entirely (Running Interference is a beast), thus making a run cheap.

Ideally, against NBN and Weyland, one should avoid making a run that will not make them win, but it'll leave them broke. Most of the time it's not worth risking too much, to keep the Corp low on points. After all, if you don't run, you risk nothing (except Power Grid Overload or the new Double events... but they won't kill you anyway).

15 Nov 2013 haiku80

Instead of 3 easy mark, 3 infiltration? And with 3 influence 1 Levy AR Lab Access instead of 1 Déjà Vu?

15 Nov 2013 haiku80

Or better 1 satellite uplink and 2 infiltration instead of 3 easy mark? In a denial enviroment forged should be correctly used and avoid trap is still a must.

Then it could be even more aggressive!

15 Nov 2013 paddosan

I'm generally quite capable of understanding what's a trap and what's not, but even when I'm not so sure, it might be worth checking it out just in case. Still makes the Corp spend extra money and if you do it correctly, it won't damage you irreparably.

Infiltration used for credits always feels wasted to me, after all it just takes 2 clicks to gain the same amount of credits. Satellite Uplink could give me information, but just one copy wouldn't do, I just wouldn't have it every time I need it.

Forged Activation Order is never wasted in my opinion, especially if the Corp has to spend 1-2 (or more) extra credits to rez. Even if it's a Pop-up Window, they still had to pay for it, plus you now know that you don't even need Crypsis to pass. It's a way to gain an expose effect while having the Corp waste credits.

You won't figure out the cards installed in a server, but if you're not at a disadvantage (points wise), letting the Corp score an Agenda won't be so dramatic. If they don't score immediately after, it's usually not an Agenda.

Levy AR Lab Access could be very useful, but only if the game goes on for a long time, because I also have a lot of recursion already: Deja Vu, Clone Chip, Same Old Thing, Pawn.

18 Nov 2013 Hellsridge

What about adding The Source to this?

19 Nov 2013 paddosan

I'd be very short on influence for that. And I think it works best with Hostage, so you can play right when you need it, to gain that extra turn that might make the difference.

I don't have enough card slots to accomodate both, though.

So far the resource denial thing was enough to prevent most fast advance (since it's quite expensive by itself), but with Shipment from SanSan... guess we'll see!

30 Nov 2013 x3r0h0ur

single access off R&D and HQ, this might not score points in time, burst economy decks could walk all over this, especially FA. I would run Multiaccess. At LEAST a medium

1 Dec 2013 paddosan

It all depends on how many Agenda are there in the Corp deck, and how many does he draw in the initial turns. Even adding a single Medium (without any tutor to get it), won't change much. Multiaccess helps in making the game faster, but could also bring a flatline, given the lack of defenses. Could swap the 2 Clone Chips for a single copy of HQ Interface and R&D Interface, maybe, but Medium is more risky, ad would also push the Corp versus a virus purge earlier, possibly ruining Parasites.

3 Dec 2013 Diegofsv

I love the deck. Its an awesome deck to play, but I'm still not sold about clone chips. I did understand your reasons for not include multiaccess, but something like imp would help A LOT for multiple runs. And man, if parasite don't miss his friend datasucker.

4 Dec 2013 x3r0h0ur

clone chip is to destroy rototurrets instantly with parasite, and to get that bonus -1 at the end of their turn to get that free token, before they can react.

If the corp is purging viruses, your'e getting a free turn. I'm not worried about the corp purging ever.

Medium allows you to CHOOSE how many you access. You could also just not play it against Jinteki. Vs HB fast advance you will need some R&D lock aciton.

7 Dec 2013 x3r0h0ur

bad news, running interference is 4 influence.

9 Dec 2013 paddosan

Indeed it is, it was too good to be true!

Off to publish the new version I go, then. ;)

16 Sep 2014 NisheFr

21 influence spent (max 15)

17 Sep 2014 paddosan

@NisheFr, as you can see the last comments from about one year ago were about that.

When it was first added here, Running Interference was listed as having an influence cost of 1 (the spoilers didn't show it correctly). As soon as that was updated, this deck became illegal.