Jack of 419 Trades (Top 6 at Lauriecon - New Standard)

mcg 906


The UK Ranking Finals (aka Lauriecon) would be the first tournament to use the new Nisei MWL and rotation. The word on the street was that runner was 'easy' but I was really struggling to find anything I liked. So rather than come up with a plan of my own I tried to pre-empt what the corps might do.

I correctly predicted a lot of Argus, so Dorm Computer and No One Home went in. I'd also heard Crowdfunding was a good card (can confirm) so thought this may as well be in Crim. And without much thought I settled on 419 tax over Leela bounce.

I incorrectly thought there may be some Spombo or prickly Jinteki builds, so Data Dealer and Caldera were dead cards all day.

Shrike was included to deal with any Tour Guide shenanigans. I didn't encounter any, but paying four credits and two datasuckers to break an Archer felt pretty good, so I'll consider this one one a draw.

Beyond that it was just a case of choosing which Crim cards to take, because they have lots. Would definitely have liked an Inside Job or two instead of the dead cards mentioned above. Didn't really miss Embezzle. RDI was originally TTW but I had a spare influence so thought I'd try one of each. Probably not correct.

Ironically, despite the 'tech', the two games I dropped were to Argus. But I think with some better decisions I could have won those games; they weren't the blowouts others experienced. I picked up wins against Azmari, Titan and Outfit twice.

Great event, great people, great weekend. Thanks to Laurie and Johno for organising. You're great too. Netrunner is great.