Daylightmodernism (Top 6 at Lauriecon - New Standard)

mcg 730


The UK Ranking Finals (aka Lauriecon) would be the first tournament to use the new Nisei MWL and rotation. Unlike all my tattered runner lists, the only change needed here was swapping Illegal Arms for Rashida, so I thought I may as well stick with it.

The idea started a few weeks back when someone scored two Broad Daylights against me, which made the rest of the game really difficult. They were playing out of Argus but I thought the required bad pub would be a better fit in The Outfit. From there I picked up SimonMoon's Loutfit list and tried to make it a little more prickly, while still maintaining the rush and HHN threats.

A last minute change I made was to ditch two Enigmas for a Tithonium and a Masvingo, as I was scared of them being a liability due to Amina. This turned out to be a terrible idea as I didn't see any Amina all day, but I did see Chris M bouncing off the Masvingo on HQ when I was struggling to find some better ice.

Chris also pointed out that this list suffers a lot with open decklists. In our cut game he was able to play around a number of tricks that my swiss opponents fell for. Blowing up Mike's six-strength Turtle with Bulwark, and Snaring away Paul's Apocalypse were probably the highlights (sorry guys).

Great event, great people, great weekend. Thanks to Laurie and Johno for organising. You're great too. Netrunner is great.

4 Dec 2018 Daemonology5

I found this deck to run much tighter with -2 Project Junebug +1 Hard-Hitting News -1 Best Defense +2 False Flag -3 Rashida Jaheem +2 Door to Door +1 Masvingo

Essentially I love the concept of this deck, but I found there were far too few ways to tag, a ton of cash and big issues around event overdraw. The False Flags are a MAJOR help that set up the runner for everything and provide a shot to score some major points without a lot of exposure risk.

4 Dec 2018 mcg

@Daemonology5 False Flag is an interesting suggestion that I hadn't really considered, though I'll certainly give it a try. Best Defense was there to deal with Misdirection and/or No One Home that can really scupper you. Interesting you think it felt too rich. I've not felt like that after rezzing the big ice, but obviously depends how you play it. Thanks for the ideas!

7 Dec 2018 Daemonology5

@mcg I wouldn't say the deck ran too rich, but I frequently found my hand full of events I wanted to keep and couldn't use. Thus, Rashida Jaheem would put me into unwanted overdraw.