The Return of Fisk

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I came up with this idea about a week ago, only have a few games on jnet, mixed results. The idea is to chew through your deck and use labor rights to recur fisk seminars and draw the corp out, flooding them as you go.

Box-E let's you hold more of all the cards you will be drawing, and can save you in a pinch.

Inside Job and EMP will get you into those jinja remotes that you end up ignoring most of the game.

Cheap resources to drain the corp via grant, and make money running. Jackpot is not such a good card, but since the deck kinda sits back a bit and pushes to flood the corp, that eventual steal is gonna rock.

All in all, this is just a shell. Changes may include paper trail or citadel sanctuary to deal with tag'n'bag (a rough matchup). Better breakers? Better cards in general?

You could toss in apocalypse for that late wipe, drop the emp. Personally. I like playing off the apoc 419 fear though ;)

Originally this was for fisk, mah main man, but I felt 419 would do better at slowing the corp down a bit.

14 Dec 2018 BlackCherries

Needs Legwork to capitalize on all those FIS!