SOCR8 - Brain Damage ASA

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Zerothmaxima 47

Probably the closest you'll ever get to using all the Kitara brain damage cards in one sorta workable deck.

Most player i played against thought it was an interesting puzzle, its able to pressure on both clicks and the threat of damage. and forces runs on expensive servers. Jinja+UVLC would have been an interesting include, did not try it out, but I think it would leave centrals too weak.

Black level Clearence did so much work. On a central server you know is going to get hit with a powerful event or on a strong remote it usually forces a brain damage. the 4 rez is also just excellent against the Doof.

Best thing this deck did: Runner stimhacked a remote, took a brain and used their last click on Vik, I guess they broke some ice, ate another brain on BLC, Accessed Ikawah and took another brain from Kill Switch, couldn't steal the 'Kawa, then took a last brain from their own stimhack. Good times.