Shameless Karma Ask

ElderMason 1230

Need karma for more decks.

As a net celebrity I'd like to ask my friends, patrons, and the Collective Consciousness to give me some totally undeserved likes so I can keep compiling all my decks in one place. It may seem like a bizarre request but I'm a dummy who can only build decks with the help of NRDB. I know that my critics don't want to see me building anymore decks but my fan sites deserve my "Top Tier" knowledge.

Do not actually play this deck.

4 Jan 2019 djkokakola

Would you try swapping the 3 Collective Consciousness for 3 Analog Dreamers for the better tech options?

5 Jan 2019 EnderA

Yeah, I'm having to delete decks, too.

5 Jan 2019 LynxMegaCorp

Here's something. I have 480+ slots and don't build decks anymore (and would happily make a new account if I decide to). You can change account names so that's not an issue. How about it?

7 Jan 2019 ElderMason

@djkokakolaI'm not against the idea but it just seems a lot worse against glacier spam.

@LynxMegaCorp My man! Those hot takes are always appreciated! Keep doing you, big dog!

9 Jan 2019 LynxMegaCorp

So you're not gonna relieve me of this cursed account!?


12 Jan 2019 Apex Predator

This deck is ridiculous.

28 Jan 2019 Acmeman76

It's a joke or It really works?