Clanarch is Back

djkokakola 111


Suggested to Andrej that he should play a self damage clanarch deck again. I'd been working off the old binder's revenge val list, he went off his Tyler Durden list. Val was inconsistent, and I couldn't draw into what I needed when I needed it. 3 Labor Rights and a LARLA gives you so much recursion, that you shouldn't have any trouble milling out your opponents, or winning beforehand. I've been debating Hades over Utopia, but with Labor Rights I get 5 uses out of it, which is pretttttty solid considering they throw most of their best ice on Archives if they're playing smart.

rage Everyone remembers the horrors of Zer0 CV decks. This lets you relive that glory, with slightly less efficacy, and a hell of a lot less effective cardpool, meaning it is just as powerful. Do basic clanarch things, make money and get a CV and ribs out ASAP, and then stimhack. Stimhack into a Kakugo. Stimhack a Vanilla! It won't mind! Stimhack assets! Respirocyte yourself back with superoxygenated blood! Feeling a little woozy? Get a Brain Cage(TM) and you'll be right as rain! Take a fragment of Paradise and show it to the corp, then laugh as you burn down their entire hand in one fell swoop and destroy that fragment in front of them to finish the job.

Then Levy and repeat.

All in all, it's a very fun deck. At least for you. Unless you get too high off drugs and die from having no hand. Don't do that.