The Boring Deck

CalBear 15

Gubba nub nub doo rah kah You gotta be pretty drunk to pilot this one.

I lost every game until I inserted The Black File.

ID doesn't matter, maybe...I don't know. I'm sure it does from a statistical point, but that's mute.

First off: never. be. running...unless you like the turtle. Then run the turtle to your death.

  1. Step one: Fisk Investment Seminar
  2. Step two: Find a way to keep on Fisking
  3. Step three: Pop off The Black File before you die

How to Pilot


Fisk Investment Seminar: Keep the pressure on. Early game it's fine to not have, but mid to end game, you should always have one in hand at the start of your turn.

Hade's Shard: Good opening card. Be prepared to be HHN+dead.

Hacktivist Meeting: Don't underestimate. Don't trash unless absolutely necessary!

Spoilers: <3 These guys, ah, seldom get all 3 out early enough, they really should get a promotion.

for card draw:

Making an Entrance: Throw errrythang away! Except you know, the stuff you shouldn't.

Duggar's: <3 nuff said. Not always used though. Good enough if you have one in your opening hand. Pop off a bunch of econ, then dig a couple turns until you have enough Inject+I've Had Worse+Making an Entrance to gather all the pieces.

Inject: Gold. In late game, it's often smart to recur a couple Fisk's + Inject for the 4 card draw.

I've Had Worse: Inject's lesser brother

for recursion:

Labor Rights: #1 Recursion tool for endgame, just remember to draw, otherwise Maxx will dump your stuff next turn.

Trope: Good recursion, sorry I don't have the best counter tip for you, just play it early. When you dump it, select your Fisk Investment Seminar, anything you might need like The Black File or Spoilers!, and pick up some card draw such as Inject or I've Had Worse

for winning:

The Black File: If you don't play this in time, you're dead. If you bust too early, you're dead. sigh Don't forget to save enough creds for this, and pop it off preferably before your opponent has less than 7 Agenda Points, and 8 or less cards in R&D. Don't be afraid to throw this in the bin until late game....but if it gets Ark'd, that's your fault.

for economy:

just make sure you have 1-3 creds floating for most of the game, and remember to have enough for The Black File before you're dead. By late game you're going to want enough creds to constantly pump Inject+I've Had Worse to draw your Fisk's after you've recurred them with Labor Rights.

Only deck I'll probably ever create. Had a lot of help from the Jinteki Community, thanks. Have fun!

14 Jan 2019 meta4

Have you thought about Dr. Lovegood to make The Black File better? When both are installed you can use Dr. Lovegood to make The Black File blank at the start of your turn so it doesn't get any counters. Then the timing on The Black File doesn't matter as much, and you just stop blanking it when corp gets to 7 points. I used to play a really stupid Crim blackmail deck that played in a similar fashion, and Dr. Lovegood worked GREAT.

14 Jan 2019 meta4

The Source is great too in this type of deck, if you can spare the influence. Also synergizes well with Dr. Lovegood.