Fast Food

aruzan 20

This deck has a simple premise.

Step 1: Throw down a ton of 3/1 agendas, especially Hyperloop Extension , Rashida Jaheem, and Domestic Sleepers out bare. Don't be worried about letting the runner score 3-4 points this way in the early game. Any time they spend wasting clicks on running these rushed out servers, is time they aren't spending getting set up. When they do score these, Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home will ensure you start winning the tempo game.

If you do manage to score out any agendas during this early phase of the game, Gila Hands Arcology is particularly useful.

Around this time you should also be trying to piece of ice on R&D and maybe HQ as well if you have Global Food Initiative or Game Changer to protect in hand.

Step 2. Once they have gotten a few agendas, start cashing out the your Stock Buy-Backs. They'll be a huge credit swing once the runner has 4-6 0 and 1 pointer agendas. Meridian's in their score area count too, which is a very nice touch.

Step 3. Start scoring out the Global Food Initiatives. If they are super poor you can just jam them behind a little ice and a Giordano Memorial Field. More Likely though you'll be using your Stock Buy Back money, to Game Changer the foods directly out of hand. The Fast Breaks are also great for installing an agenda, a Giordano Memorial Field and an ice or two directly into a server with 1 click. In the process you'll be making some money and also drawing a ton of cards, to hopefully find the foods / game changers.

This deck is a blast to play. On occasion I've managed to pull off Fast Advancing 6+ points in a single turn late game with this deck, by setting up to 30+ credits with a couple of turns of stock buy backs, and then fast breaking 6-7 cards in hand, doubling or even triple game changer, following by a double fast advance of global food initiatives.