Noisy boy

GreedyAlgorithm 34

Noise mill deck again!

17 Jan 2019 CaKnuckleguy

I am either missing something...or you may have misread the 'Installed Corp Card' part on Gravedigger. Milling from Spoilers doesn't trigger it. I mean, Contaminate gets it done I guess. But you should probably have 3x Same Old Things to be able to do it 6 times instead of 3. Labor Rights'll help but isn't controllable.

Otherwise, looks neat. Needs more.

17 Jan 2019 GreedyAlgorithm

@CaKnuckleguyThank you for your comment! First of all I didn't misread Gravedigger, I use this program only with Contaminate and my opponent help to add a counter with their Rashida Jaheem and NGO Front. That is why I play 3x Hacktivist Meeting. And I play Labor Rights when I don't have anymore card in my stack.